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Luminous paint

Photoluminescent paint for walls, doors, objects. A starry sky, secret messages that illuminate the...
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Calculateur de quantités

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Number of coats: 2
Apply 2 thin coats. Dilute the first coat with water (max 10%) to aid application and adhesion of the paint
The coverage of your paint is: 8 m² à 10 m².

Interior or Exterior

Ceilings, floors or terraces

Areas which you do not wish to paint in m²

Results :

Total surface area of walls:
Total surface area of floors and ceilings:
Total area of surface to be painted:

Total quantity of paint required: litre(s)
Quantity of paint required for the walls: litre(s)
Quantity of paint required for the floors and ceilings: litre(s)